Building a Computer

To the newcomer it sounds amazingly hard but in reality and to anyone who’s done it before it’s amazingly simple, it just sounds hard!

Honestly I’ve built flat pack furniture that was harder to put together!

Why would you want to build a computer in the first place? Good question, for me there are two main reasons. The first being that you can build your PC to exactly the specifications that you want and spend exactly what you want to on each part as opposed to what the manufacturers think you ought to. For instance after building my first system I realised that certain things could remain on my PC, things that didn’t need replacing because they wouldn’t go out of date, at least not that quickly like some components do so the things you’re not going to be replacing frequently you can spend more on, like the box it all goes in, also you might be more interested in playing games on your PC so you would probably want to spend more on a graphics card than someone would who was primarily interested in using their machine for making music on. They would probably want to spend more on a top of the range sound card.

The second reason I wanted to build a PC for was to learn how to do it and therefore have the confidence and knowledge to be able to fix it and upgrade it myself. If you’ve put it all together yourself it will be easier to take apart unlike some systems I’ve fixed where you had to try to work out how to get the drives out! I don’t think twice now about building and upgrading systems and swapping out parts when something’s not working. I only wish I could do the same with my car!

The Case
The Motherboard, Processor and Memory
The Central Processing Unit, CPU or Processor
The Motherboard
The Memory
The Power Supply Unit or PSU
The Cooling, Fans and Ventilation
Water Cooling
The Hard Drive
The Optical Drive
Solid State Drive

Extra Parts

The Above sections all contain parts that are pretty much essential to building a computer however you may find a few other components available that you want to include in your machine to add extra functionality and power.

I’ve included some common extras below that you might want to consider.

The Graphics Card
Mice and Graphics Tablets
Scanners and Printers
Other parts you may need
Putting it all together
Installing an operating system
Problems you may encounter
Installing a Linux operating system
Dual booting
Data drive
Cloud storage