Cloud storage

While we are on the subject of data storage and back up you might also want to consider cloud storage. This is where you store your files “on line” there are plenty of companies providing this service such as Microsoft with their “One drive”, Google with their “Google drive”, Dropbox and many others. Unfortunately they don’t give you tremendous amount of storage without paying and it can be quite expensive for the home computer user. However I do find it useful for storing files that I am currently working on like word processing documents and it does give you the advantage over USB memory sticks in that you don’t have to remember to bring them with you or remember where you last put it!

With on line storage you can log on with any machine and your files are accessible plus if you work on them and update them, the latest version is stored so again when you log on with a different machine you still get the latest version. You can also install the applications on your phone or tablet so you can also access your saved files from there too.