Data drive

While we’re on the subject of partitioning your hard drive you might also want to consider the benefits of creating a data drive on your computer. You simple create another drive as we previously did with the Easeus partitioning software but call it Data drive and use this for all of your files, you could create separate folders for your music, videos, photographs and word files and store everything here instead of using the “my documents” folders on windows. Then all your data is in one place, regardless of which operating system you are using, plus keeping it in one place makes it easier to organise and even more importantly back up.

There are many ways to back up your data, all with various “fors” and “againsts” but for now you could simply get a large capacity removable USB drive and copy all of your folders from your Data drive onto it and date it then in a week’s time do the same process again remembering to date that as well. Keep doing this each week until your drive is full and then delete the oldest copy. You’ll never have to worry about losing your import family photos again!