Installing a Linux operating system

This is pretty similar to installing a Windows operating system except of course it’s not Windows so you won’t be stuck with their way of doing things. An increasing number of people have been getting fed up with Windows and Microsoft’s way of doing things and a community has sprung up that uses a computer without using Microsoft Windows. Obviously if you’re forsaking windows your computer is going to need another operating system.

Perhaps surprisingly there are a few alternatives out there already. The most popular one though is Linux. It’s been going now for a few years, there are quite a few incarnations of it but one of the most popular is Ubuntu. If anything installing it is even easier than windows. You even get the option of trying it before you install it. If you want to have a look at something other than windows, why not give it a try.

After getting increasingly frustrated with windows 7 on my netbook (it always seemed to be updating and taking up all the system resources while I sat there waiting for a browser window to open!) I gave Ubuntu a try. I was firstly impressed by how professional and easy installation looked and felt and upon starting the same impression continued, it came with various useful stuff already installed like office software and antivirus. It does seem a little strange at first but if you give it a little time to get used to it you may start to like it. It certainly uses a lot less of your computers resources than Windows so on older machines like my netbook everything ran a lot quicker and smoother, try it what have you got to lose?