When I first had a desktop computer system the speakers I had cost about fifteen pounds and they sounded like it. For some reason I put up with them for way longer than I should. I spent hours listening to the poor quality audio that emanated from them. When you think about how long you spend listing to sound that comes from your computer you can surely justify spending a fair bit of cash on this particular item. Especially when you consider that once you have them you won’t need to get any more for a long while.

Loudspeakers have been about for a lot longer than computers and as such there’s not a lot happening that will change tomorrow so you’re not going to spend a couple of hundred pounds on loud speakers to find them out of date the next year. If you spend two hundred pounds on loudspeakers you will still have a two hundred pound loudspeaker system in five years’ time.

The only real way you will get any better performance is by upgrading to a five hundred pound system. So getting yourself good loudspeakers really is an investment. It’s something that I have never regretted. I bought a pair of monitor speakers that were designed for a small project studio. They have the major convenience that amplifiers are also built into each of them. Something that is known as “powered speakers” basically they each have a plug to connect them to the mains and a socket to connect them to the computer. There are a lot of awfully speaker systems aimed for computer systems, why anyone would spend the not inconsiderable amount on building a computer and then ruin the sound with twenty pound speakers baffles me. No pun intended!

There are a lot of pretty useless PC speakers on the market. Personally my advice is if you are the slightest bit bothered about the audio performance of your computer then don’t buy PC speakers instead invest in a Hifi amplifier and Hifi loudspeakers or do as I did and get yourself some powered monitors. You won’t regret it.