Other parts you may need

There are several other components that you may require that fit into this section. Depending on how you wish to connect to the internet you will either need an ethernet lead or a method of connecting wirelessly. If you can use a lead I would suggest that you do as it will give you a better, quicker and more reliable connection. If there’s no way that you can have your computer where you want and get a cable to connect to your router then you will have to use either a wireless PCI card or a wireless dongle.

I have tried both, originally the PCI card was the only other option. You simply install the card into a vacant slot and install the driver from the CD. An aerial sticks out of the back of the card and you can position it to get the strongest signal level. The disadvantage of doing it this way is that it ties up a precious PCI socket in your machine. Recently wireless dongles became available, they are literally tiny and plug into a vacant USB socket and only protrudes a few millimetres. I have become a convert of this way of doing things, firstly you free up a PCI socket and secondly it’s simply a case of unplugging it to move it to another machine.

These USB devices are also available for Bluetooth as well and with its popularity growing it’s probably a good idea to equip your computer with it. Bluetooth keyboards and headsets are getting cheaper and more popular plus there’s the Bluetooth on your phone as well. You will then be able to transfer pictures and music between the two wirelessly.

A card reader may also be something that you will find useful from time to time, especially if you have a digital camera that uses that media. Most of the card readers will read multiple formats and sometimes you can get the readers built into the case so it’s just a matter of making sure your motherboard supports it and then a case of plugging it in.

As you are building your own computer you can make it just that, your OWN computer and as such you can personalise it as you wish and some choose to do exactly that. You can really go to town on making your machine like no other and there are plenty of ways to do this. It’s known as case moding. The most common way of doing this is to replace the solid side panels with ones that contain a transparent window, and then various illuminating devices are fitted inside to your heart’s content. These are cold cathode lights, LED case fans and electroluminescence wire lights; you put them where you like inside the case. They can even be fitted to light in time with the sounds your computer makes. I could write a whole article on this growing interest alone, as more items for doing this become available. If this is an area that interests you I suggest you do a bit of online research and see what’s available and what appeals to you and give it a go!