Problems you may encounter

Don’t forget after you have changed the bios settings you need to press F10 to save them otherwise they will revert back to what they were before you changed them!

If you have installed a new disc or you’re commissioning a new system, you may have to change the drive configurations in the bios to get the hard drive to be recognised. On some of the Acer systems I have had to do this. After installing a new hard drive the computer wouldn’t “see” the new drive. I eventually tracked down the problem to be just settings in the bios. In SATA run mode configuration the settings had to be changed from “compatible” to “enhanced. If you can’t get the operating system to “see” the hard drive its worth looking for something similar in your bios.

Another thing that I have come across that can stop your computer from installing an operating system is something that can be described in various ways, “quiet boot” is one of them, and it can reduce the time that your system starts up but it can also stop it from installing a new operating system and needs to be disabled. So look around for that or something similar if you’re still having no joy.

Another problem I have encountered with older systems is when I have been trying to install windows 7 from the DVD and found it wouldn’t work due to the fact that the system only had a CD drive and I was trying to use a DVD in it!