Scanners and Printers

You may not need a scanner but at some point you will probably need a printer. Printer scanners are not uncommon and can save a lot of space if you intend to get them both. Most will also function as standalone photo copiers which can be useful. This is one particular area that has been quite fast moving recently so it’s worth checking out what’s available. A trip to a high street computer store so you can see what’s available may help to clarify what you need. Seeing this sort of thing can certainly clear up sizes for a start and you can see how they operate.

One thing I would like to add is that over the years I have been particularly disappointed with inkjet printers. After initially being impressed with their quality, particularly that of printing photographs out it quickly turned to disappointment as the quality soon dropped off as the ink dried or ran out. They seem to only print a couple of sheets before one colour runs out and because of the non-predictability of how much colour you need you never know which one will go next. Black always seems to go. I was always putting new black cartridges in and the heads would dry up and you would need to run the cleaning software which did nothing to help but used more ink up.

I eventually got so fed up with inkjets that I no longer have one. My day to day printing is taken care of by a laser printer which I bought second hand with a load of extra toner cartridges. Tonner is used instead of ink and it’s a similar system to a photocopier. If you haven’t used it for a few weeks it still prints out properly first time as the tonner doesn’t dry out inside the machine and each tonner prints at least a couple of thousand sheets as opposed to a couple of hundred. Unfortunately it’s only black and white but for most of my printing that’s not a problem. My other printing is usually photographs so now I just get them done on the internet or at Asda.