Water Cooling

A few years ago water cooling hit the computer world. The early systems were a bit unwieldy to say the least. There were pipes coming out of the computer case and large tanks sitting alongside the PC case and the whole setup was externally filled with water when it was in place, this meant that you really had to drain it if you wanted to move it anywhere and it did resemble a central heating system in more than one way, however as with most things time brings about certain improvements and that is the case with water cooling in PC’s. The whole system has been made smaller and many are now sealed. It’s now popular to have a water cooled block that sits on the CPU with a couple of pipes circulating the liquid and hence cooling the CPU.

Some systems incorporate cooling for other components as well as the CPU. Corsair is one of the major manufactures of water cooling systems. They are considered to be the best cooling systems at the moment gaining favour with builders of gaming systems and over clockers as these two pastimes traditionally generate the most heat. They are still a little pricey though but if you want the best I’m afraid you are going to have to pay for it.