SD Card for Dash Cams

SD cards

You may have noticed that most dash cams need an SD card that more often than not isn’t supplied. Not any old card will work either, most need to have a class 10 or class 6 card. The difference being is the speed that data is transferred, class 2 being the slowest and class 10 the fastest. By speed transfer I’m not referring to the speed the video transfers from the camera to your computer. I’m talking about the speed the camera writes data to the memory card, that’s where the problems occur. When the card cant keep up with the camera.

The model listed below is one that I have found to work without any problems. I have used it now for about six months. I got to the point where I was spending so long reading reviews trying to save a money, in the end it was a bit counter productive for the amount I was saving to the time I was spending.

You can if you wish use a 16G card as opposed to a 32G one and it will save you money but I prefer to use a 32G one as the recording time is obviously better before anything has to be wiped.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the card should be formatted in the camera itself not your computer!


Here are a few others that have been tested and found to work OK. please bear in mind that these are ones that I have found to work, if its not mentioned here it doesn’t mean that it wont work, it just means that I haven’t used it.




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