Back up your data

I can’t stress how important it is to back up your data. I meet lots of people who tell me they think their hard drive has crashed and it contains all of their photo’s, music etc. and they don’t have it backed up anywhere! Sometimes I manage to recover most of their data and I must admit its awful trying to get back photographs knowing its peoples albums of their kids growing up and holidays and memories, its great to be able to get them back but its not always possible!

Don’t let it happen to you. a hard drive on a computer WILL go wrong at some stage, believe me its not if, its when, they wear out and there’s usually no warning. The easiest way to back up your data is to get an external USB hard drive. You just plug the drive into a USB socket on your PC and it will recognise it and show an icon on “my computer” under “devices with removable storage” and you can then copy your data to the external drive. I store all of my data in a folder and date it, then next time I do a back up I create a new folder and date it. that way you have several backups in case you accidentally delete something you cant get back if you know you had it a few months back you can retrieve it from one of your older dated folders.

I know there better ways to back up and some software that will do it for you but to be honest of the ones I have tried I haven’t really got on too well with, I have found them to be slow, complicated and generally didn’t do what I wanted or expected, if I change my mind I’ll write about it here.