Upgrading your PC

Instead of continually replacing your computer why not have one that’s built to last and then just upgrade the parts that go out of date, that way you can save money and have a better system! You could have a pc built with a really nice case, have a look at some you can get on this site, with a quiet power supply, the keyboard and mouse you want and a nice big monitor and then keep them, now you just change the motherboard, processor and ram for a new faster machine but you keep your nice case and psu and stuff.
One of the best things about upgrading a pc is that you can do it gradually once you’ve got a case and power supply, keyboard and mouse that you’re happy with by putting a new motherboard and microprocessor inside you have basically replaced the main elements to totally speed up your machine. One of the first items I upgraded on my pc was the power supply. I had bought a computer from a shop a town and to be quite honest I didn’t know a lot about them of what I particularly wanted but after a few weeks of use I knew one thing that I didn’t want and that was the mount of noise the computer made when it was on! It sounded like a vacuum cleaner running! One of the main contributors to this sound was the power supply and after searching the internet I stumbled across what was one of my best buys, the quiet power supply. This has stayed with my machine for quite a few years now, doing its job and doing it quietly!