Alesis M1 Active 520 speakers

These are my all time favorite speakers, they may seem a bit over indulgent but when you work out how many hours you actually spend listening to stuff, you can justify the cost. These are proper loudspeakers, I think they are called monitors as they are meant for project recording studios, they have been designed to give a very accurate picture of the sound so as to enable sound engineers to mix stuff on them. They are very solidly built and are powered which means you don’t need an amplifier, which makes them ideal as they can plug straight into your computer, they are very loud, mine are only set at about half volume.I can’t imagine why I would ever need to go beyond that unless I wanted to remove the glass from the windows! When playing anything through these speakers it sounds fantastic, I can play a CD through them and it puts my £1000 hi fi in the lounge to shame, Its not just me either, my mate who doesn’t usually notice such things remarked at how good they sound, I cant imagine anyone being disappointed after hearing them.