Logitech K360 keyboard

At the moment I am predominantly using my Acer netbook for portability and when on the move you can’t beat it, but for serious writing I don’t like the keyboard or the fact that as you type your wrist sometimes get too close to the touch pad and causes the cursor to jump somewhere random and that’s where your now writing! It can all get very frustrating! So I decided I wanted an external keyboard.

After looking around at what was available I went for the Logitech K360 which was on offer at a considerable reduced price from Amazon. I wanted something that was wireless and portable and this looked to fit the bill. Upon receiving the keyboard the first thing I noticed is that it was raised keys on a flat surface with gaps around each key, unlike a conventional keyboard where the keys all fit together. The keyboard takes 2 AA batteries and next to where the batteries go you can store the wireless dongle. This is particularly useful as you can often end up with a spare which I’ll explain later. This is also held under the battery lid.

I simply plugged the wireless dongle into a USB port on my netbook and turned on the slide switch on the keyboard and it worked. This I like, no messing about with drivers! I’d better add that my netbook is running windows 8 and I’ve not used it with any other operating system but it’s still a promising sign.

My first impressions of this keyboard are that it looks good, it has a few extra buttons for sound and playing media and there’s also other symbols printed on the f keys accessible with an Fn shift button. It also has the numeric keypad to the side of the other keys which is also something I like.

None of these things count for anything if the keyboard is awful to use so the only thing to do is to properly test it. So I set about writing an article which for me is the best test I could give it. After a few hours and a completed article later I can tell you that this is a keyboard that I like. I know keyboards can be very personal things which I fully concede, but while writing it seems quite transparent and I’m not left thinking about typing, if you know what I mean. The action seems just about right. I don’t like having to press too hard and this suits my soft touch typing.

I decided to write this review initially after getting the keyboard and then to conclude it after a few months use to be able to give real better impression. To be honest I can only say good things about it. I still use it, which is the major thumbs up for me.

It’s ok for people to recommend products but do they continue to use them? This is now my main keyboard and I’m using it to write this review! So what have I found after several months use, well my first two concerns have proved to be unfounded. I had wondered about the lettering on the keyboard, to me it looked like it would wear but it hasn’t at all, everything is still intact on the key tops and the second was that of battery life. I’m still using the first lot and I must admit to have left it on a few times so it doesn’t seem too power hungry either.

One of the bonuses that I have to mention about this keyboard because it has been a major plus for me is that this is one of the Logitech unifying wireless devices. Just to explain quickly if you buy two items that are Logitech unifying you can just use one wireless dongle and the other device is supposed to work with it. This Logitech K360 keyboard is one of their unifying devices so I went out and bought a Logitech M215 wireless mouse which is also a unifying compatible device and I can report that everything is as it should be with the one wireless dongle plugged into my netbook my Logitech K360 keyboard and my Logitech M215 mouse work effortlessly and excellently together. The spare dongle can also be kept stored in the compartment under the battery keyboard.

Having a wireless keyboard and mouse has significantly improved my productivity whilst using my netbook, much more than even I could have hoped for. Let’s face it we all buy things thinking that they will be massively useful and a lot of the times they just sit on the shelf but not with these two items. Having a decent keyboard and mouse makes a tremendous difference in the usability of a netbook for me and I now do lots of writing in an armchair. The netbook sits on one the left arm, the keyboard goes on my knee and the mouse sits on the right arm. When I go anywhere, the netbook goes nicely in my rucksack with the mouse and keyboard fitting in the front pocket.

To conclude this review I’m trying to sum up price, performance and the difference it has made to me, so being pretty cheap and working as well as it does and for the difference it has made to me using my netbook I would give this product a nine out of ten, I’m pleased with it and more importantly use it loads.