Logitech M215 Wireless Mouse

This is the latest wireless mouse that I have bought. I purposely looked at Logitech because of a wireless keyboard that I am currently using and very happy with and I purposely bought it to use with my netbook. Upon first seeing the device it appears to be quite small it also feels quite light. It contains one AA battery as opposed to a few that I have owned before that had two. You get to it by pressing a recessed button on the base of the mouse which pops the front of the mouse up, quite ingenious and I was wondering where the battery went. Also on the bottom is the power switch, again slightly recessed below the level of the four corner feet, which I noticed are also available as a replacement item just here. I do keep leaving it on so ill report back after I’ve had it a few months to gauge its power usage.
Logitech wireless mouse M215

This mouse has the normal left and right buttons and the scrolling wheel, I do have a mouse on my main tower system that is large and has extra buttons on it. I’ve very rarely used them to be honest I don’t know if there for gaming and stuff, I know that a couple of them work to step through pictures in some programs but to be honest the two buttons and the scrolling wheel are all I will ever use.

The M215 is also part of the Logitech “unifying” system, with a Logitech unifying device if you have any other wireless devices they will all connect to one receiver, which is very small, and because of its size you can leave it plugged into your machine without it being a problem as it’s so unobtrusive. I had no problems with plugging the receiver in and turning the mouse on. It worked straight away with no setting up or drivers.

In use the device is proving to be trouble free, it’s small but causes no problems because of that. The buttons work fine which I can’t say for other mice I have used which sometimes miss a double click. It also seems quite responsive of various surfaces. I frequently use it on a tiled kitchen table with no problems whatsoever. It has proved to do exactly what I was hoping for, a comfortable device that makes it a lot easier to use my netbook that basically does everything you want it to and at a reasonable price.