PAiA 9700 Modular Synth

After years of building synthesisers, one of my loves is the analog modular synthesiser, analog because of “that sound” and modular because you can connect things together and experiment in ways you can’t do with other synthesisers and you can add to it, it’s almost the musical equivalent of Lego. My new love is the paia 9700 modular synth, it sounds great and has all the knobs, sockets and patchabillity to get you started and all the open endedness of a modular system to expand.

Paia have a long history in analog synthesiser kits and have built a very respectable following with their quality stuff, only problem is that you have to buy from the USA and build the kits yourself, and then there is the setting up and calibration! That’s where I come in, I am now offering fully built and tested and calibrated synthesisers. Having worked in PCB and electronic construction for many years for the likes of Leicester University and Marconi, you can be sure of the highest standards of construction.

It takes about 2 weeks to build, test and calibrate a unit

Brand New, built, tested and calibrated £950.00